Quick link for alarm system

Whether you are a homeowner, government contractor, institution, or business, we can customize a security surveillance system to fit your needs at a price that works for you.

Quick link for alarm system

We understand the importance of keeping your property safe, whether it is your home or place of business.

Quick link for alarm system

With more than 200 people on our team, we cover all the range of security expertise.

Quicklink For Defense, security & Protection

QUICK LINK has been established for the immediate alarm systems, immediate response and quick link with the emergency number (911) / Public Security Directorate and Civil Defense Directorate. QUICK LINK Company has provided its services in the field of linking the alarm systems, against theft and fire, of a large number of important installations. QUICK LINK Company has the ability to provide its clients with the necessary modern security technology to achieve the highest levels of security and public safety of the enterprises with the lowest costs.

What is unique about QUICK LINK Company is that it is a branch of Scorpion Company for Defense and Protection that publishes its ../sites all over the Kingdom. It has 24-hour mobile patrols and has the ability to respond immediately to any event in a record time and according to the international standards of response speed as well as direct link with the emergency number (911) and to coordinate with the Police and Civil Defense operation rooms to move the patrols to the scene of the event at a record time.

Trust & Excellence

We look forward to being a strategic partner in delivering outstanding security services


We put all of our security expertise and the use of modern security technology in the service of our clients


Achieving the highest standards of excellence and providing the best security services in the Middle East

Taking responsibility

Connect the burglar and direct fire alarm systems with the Police and Civil Defense operation rooms and the Emergency Number (911).

Working Mechanism of Quick Link Station and its Connection with the Police and Civil Defense Operation Rooms and the Emergency Number (911)

The alarm systems are installed according to the applicable international standards. We fix special sensors to replace the hearing and sight of the place that needs protection.

The protection system is equipped with warning sirens, as well as internal charging batteries in case of power failure.

We work around the clock to receive signals from the alarm systems, we monitor the movement, and we report to the Police and Civil Defense operation rooms and the emergency number (911).


Any message issued from the alarm system reaches the central station either through the landline or through the wireless connection.

We also monitor the type of messages. It may be theft, assault, fire, medical aid or technical malfunction.

Moreover, the Public Security operation room shall be reported to, which in return shall inform the nearest patrols to the scene of the incident at the highest speed. At the same time, we move our patrols that are close to the scene in conjunction with the General Security Patrol movement, noting that every mission has its own way to be dealt with depending on whether it is a theft, an assault, a burglary, a medical treatment, fire, or a technical malfunction.

Our Clients
Parking lots and warehouses of self-employed businesses
Offices, international activities and embassies
Humanitarian ../sites, communication towers and warehouses
Humanitarian ../sites, communication towers and warehouses
Schools, colleges and universities
Hotels and resorts
Private houses, villas and palaces
Newspaper offices and media institutions
Hospitals and medical institutions
Banks, exchange and insurance companies
Airlines and support services companies at airports
Industrial, production and service institutions, complexes and trading malls.
Foreign and Arab embassies, international missions and organizations and the United Nations offices
Offices of the local, foreign and Arab companies
Government departments